At ILIAKTIDA center we provide a complete medical care for children and adolescents. We aim at a continuous upgrading and multifaceted development of pediatric. The three doctors actively participate in the trade union struggle of pediatricians for the rights of doctors. This brought us together, became good friends and realized that we have common objectives, common principles, common philosophy of life shared vision and that we had good chemistry. So with frequent meetings and hard work we placed the foundations for the realization of our vision.

Under the same roof, in a new, modern, comfortable space in the city center, with ample parking, fully integrated with modern diagnostic equipment with the latest technology. We offer group care while maintaining the personal relationship between the patient and the pediatrician. Patients always visit the personal pediatrician. You can however visit any pediatrician of the center for second opinion or for examination when the patient’s pediatrician is absent (conference, childbirth, holidays). With our inhouse database system, doctors can access the same information and patient records and can easily go though the child’s record. The medical care of the child is ensured by the experience and expertise of all three doctors. Our non-negotiable wish was to have a modern and technologically advanced center. We created an easy-to-use pediatric software program were we keep all the patient’s history, blood tests, Xrays, etc. The doctors can access this database from anywhere they are. This software allows the doctors to monitor the epidemiological situation of the disease and the susceptibility of microbes to antibiotics.

We have the ability to communicate via e-mail with other colleagues, various laboratories, diagnostic centers, medical universities to search for medical information. The parents can have a constant e-mail communication with their doctor. Our website is a source of news and information for our patients and our partners. We offer medical services everyday, weekends, holidays and out of office hours. In the practice of medicine diagnostic examinations reduce the risk of error. We have created quality medical laboratory which will help doctors to take the right decision, whether to give antibiotic or symptomatic treatment and also to separate serious incidents where they should be hospitalized. family_003bIt is very common for doctors to see patients with fever that at that point were seemed to be caused by a common virus but in the end were very serious bacterial infections that any delay in treatment would be disastrous. Our laboratory does not compete with any private laboratory, and it is only used when all the other laboratories are closed. Within the center we created the infrastructure for short hospitalization. In serious cases such as serious breathing difficulties, rashes, poisoning etc, we offer short hospitalization, to stabilize the patient and to bring them in a state that can be transferred without risking their lives and then enclose for inpatient hospitalization. Also, not very serious incidents (eg a moderate dehydration) that are not requiring inpatient hospitalization are treated here to avoid complications and suffering of parents. At our center there is a diagnostic room where the following tests are conducted: hearing – vision – ECG, spirometry, tympanogram etc. These tests, together with systematic clinical examinations will upgrade the main role of paediatrics, which is basically the prevention. Our goal is the early detection of problems and timely referring patients to specialists (ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, pediatric surgeosn, etc.).  In diagnostic dilemmas a small medical consultation is performed of three pediatricians presenting the incident by the attending physician and consideration by all. In case of danger, three pediatricians will offer immediate assistance.

Realizing our serious responsibilities we are committed to continuing our education and training. Our personal experiences and medical procedures were common to all three. All of us or any of us take part in most scientific lectures and after each session. We follow medical literature and scientific websites. The actual upgrade pediatric is achieved by the operation of the pediatric subspecialties center on the 2nd floor.family_004 The aim is to have physicians of all pediatric subspecialties, either on a permanent basis or several times a month, so that they offer their services to all the Limassol pediatricians and in general to all doctors of Limassol. The subspecialties center is independent of Iliaktida. We created the necessary space and infrastructure for these services. We call on all colleagues to fully support this institution. We want to emphasize that created this center to offer quality to our work and our lives. We tried to upgrade the general medicine and paediatrics especially both the private and public sector.

The Pediatricians


He completed his studies at the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague with honors, and then specialised in Pediatrics in a hospital in Karlovy Vary where he underwent all subspecialties.

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Dr. Koualis Chrysostomos


He graduated from the Medical School of the University of Ioannina.

He taught medical issues to professional public high school students in Athens for three school years. At the same time he was appointed as a physician at the Emergency Department of IKA Athens, where he worked until 1995.

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Dr. Iasonides Michalis


He completed his studies in Medicine and a PhD at the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, West Germany.

He specialized in Pediatrics at the University of Wits-Johannesburg in South Africa until 1995.

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Dr. Georgiou Andros